Lena Dunham’s Inclusive Clothing Line Ranges From Sizes 12 to 26

Lena Dunham’s Plus Size Clothing Line Starts at $98

At it again! Lena Dunham is adding another impressive notch to her lengthy resume. The 34-year-old multi-hyphenate star is launching a plus size clothing line with 11 Honoré, a size-inclusive shopping site.

The collection is edited down to 5 pieces, including a skirt, blazer, dress, shirt and tank. The line ranges from $98 to $29, sticks to neutral tones and is available in sizes 12 to 26.

When designing the collection, Dunham took inspiration from the “energy of the artist women” she grew up around in New York, who leaned toward masculine suits mixed with feminine shapes.

“But those vintage-inspired looks tend to exist in slim cuts for waifs, and I don’t want any plus size woman to wonder if she’ll fit into these clothes. I know that I for one never want to pray as I pull up a pair of jeans again — what a useless thing to pray about. I’m so excited for the for these @11honore styles to finally be available to shop online,” Dunham writes in an April 6 Instagram post.

Aside from the choosing silhouettes and patterns, the Emmy nominated star drew inspiration from her own journey in the fashion space, noting that the plus-size style space had a fair amount of flaws.

“I started to look around at the fashion landscape and realized that the perceptions of bigger bodies — that we want to dress like grandmas, rockabilly chicks or club divas — are wack as hell. In truth there are so many variations of plus sized girls as there are straight sized girls. We want what you want, and we want it how you want it.”

As someone with a personal experience to draw upon, Dunham was very clear on how she wanted to design the collection — and what pieces would be included.

A must have? A mini skirt, which came to life as the Deluca Skirt, $138. In an interview with the New York Times, the actress revealed that she’s always struggled to find one that didn’t ride up. “I can’t wear it [a mini skirt] because I’m basically showing what my mother would refer to as my pupick.”

While a skirt was a no-brainer, so was leaving loungewear out of the collection. “If a thin girl wears sweatpants, it’s kind of cute — like, ‘I’m having a rough day! But for a chubby girl it’s, ‘You’ve made a lifestyle choice to give up,’” she tells the New York Times.

Shop the full collection at 11honore.com.

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