Jana Kramer and Mike Caussin: A Timeline of Their Highs and Lows

For better or for worse! Jana Kramer and Mike Caussin have experienced many highs and lows throughout their relationship.

The actress and the former football player tied the knot in 2015, but their marital bliss didn’t last long. Less than a year after Kramer gave birth to their daughter Jolie in January 2016, Us Weekly broke the news that Caussin cheated on her with multiple women. He subsequently entered treatment for sex addiction.

The twosome later reconciled and renewed their vows in December 2017.

“Two Christmases ago … I didn’t know if we were going to make it. I didn’t say we weren’t back together,” Kramer told Us in January 2018. “It was a very strange feeling. But this last Christmas was really refreshing because we were together. Yes, we were in L.A. away from our family, but we were together at the end of the day, and that felt perfect to me. It was really relaxing. We went for a nice long walk on Christmas day.”

She added that renewing their vows was “a really amazing healing experience” for the couple.

“I feel like it’s weird. I never want to say I am grateful for the experience, because every day is a struggle to stay connected and be together,” she said. “But at the same time, it has made us so much stronger. So I don’t know what tomorrow can bring or the next day, but I just know that we’re both actively working at it. I think for us, renewing our vows, was something like we’re both committed to each other and letting the past be something that fuels us to be better people.”

After suffering a miscarriage, the twosome expanded their family, welcoming son Jace in November 2018. Their relationship still had its issues, however, and they started documenting their struggles on their “Whine Down” podcast.

“I told Michael the other day, I was just like, ‘I don’t believe that there won’t be another time, and that sucks to have to feel that,’” Kramer admitted on an October 2019 episode after she found a naked photo on Caussin’s phone. “Because how can I believe that when I’ve heard so many times ‘I’ll never do it again. I’ll never do it again.’ So, it kinda puts me in this really awkward situation, and it makes me look weak to be continuing to stick around whether he did something or he didn’t. And I believe that he didn’t. Like, I know it wasn’t a real person, I know all those things. But it doesn’t matter.”

She added: “I’m not saying it’s weak to stay, I’m not saying it’s weak to leave. I’m just saying for me personally and where I’m at and how many times … I’m now like, it’s weakening me by staying.”

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