Fact or Fiction: Urban Meyer will take the Texas job

Farrell’s take: FACT. I’ll be the crazy one here and say yes. There aren’t many jobs like Texas and Urban Meyer loves built-in advantages. He would have the home-state recruiting territory and financial backing to take Texas to the College Football Playoff. I don’t know anything about his health and how that factors in, but if there’s a job he’s going to take, it’s Texas. It’s too big to pass up.

Gorney’s take: FACT. According to OrangeBloods.com, representatives from Texas have met with Meyer and now only one question remains: Does Meyer want to coach again? No one knows the answer to that question, maybe not even Meyer himself, who I’m sure has the drive to get back on the sidelines and make Texas a national contender again but he is weighing significant health issues as well, which forced his retirement from Ohio State.

I covered Meyer for three years at Florida and the man is intense and solely focused on winning. He also drove himself into a frenzy and I’m not sure he can control that even as he’s gotten older. I’ve also been told it’s worn on Meyer that he retired from Ohio State under some negative circumstances surrounding the Zach Smith domestic abuse situation. To right that ship would be important.

Meyer is smart and savvy enough to only take a job where he could recruit easily, he would have the resources to win and at Texas he basically has to beat one team – Oklahoma – to get to the playoff. In the end, Meyer is a coach’s coach, he’s only 56 years old and if he can manage his health situation, I think he wants to get back to it. My guess is he will take the Texas job.