Fact or Fiction: Miami will push Clemson in 2021

In today’s Fact or Fiction I look at three big recent topics in college football and decide whether the statement is indeed FACT or if it’s FICTION.


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1. Tykee Smith is the biggest defensive get in the portal this cycle.

Tykee Smith

Tykee Smith (USA Today Sports Images)

FACT. It’s not every day that a national title contender gets an All-American safety to plug into a position of need. There have been some very nice defensive additions recently but I can’t think of one bigger than Tykee Smith to Georgia, especially as it looked like he was headed to Auburn.

***** 2. Miami will win 10 games next season and push Clemson.

D'Eriq King

D’Eriq King (USA Today Sports Images)

FICTION. With Alabama on the schedule things don’t look good for a 10-win season. The Hurricanes’ weakness along the offensive and defensive lines make me think they will contend for a division title but not for 10 wins or push Clemson if they make it to the ACC title game. I checked with the Miami fans at Gary Ferman’s War Room message board on Canesport.com as well and most agreed, although a few felt this team could surprise. I have Miami second in the Coastal.

***** 3. Iowa State should be the favorite to win the Big 12.

Brock Purdy

Brock Purdy (USA Today Sports Images)

FICTION. Oklahoma is just too loaded despite the fact that Iowa State is returning quarterback Brock Purdy and running back Breece Hall. The Sooners have Spencer Rattler, a loaded offense and should be as good on defense or even better. I went on the ISU Confidential 2.0 message board at CycloneReport.com to check on the optimism of the Cyclones fans and it was actually split down the middle. This team has beaten Oklahoma and could do it again but favorite for the Big 12 is a reach.