Drew Barrymore’s Minor Wardrobe Malfunction Is All Too Relatable

Drew Barrymore’s Minor Wardrobe Malfunction Is All Too Relatable

Drew Barrymore Has to Add an Extender to Her Waistband

We’ve all been there! Drew Barrymore continues to prove she’s the most relatable A-lister, sharing a little wardrobe hack that we’re adding to our list immediately.

On Thursday, December 3, the 45-year-old star shared a behind-the-scenes video of herself getting dressed for The Drew Barrymore Show. But instead of showing off her latest adorable outfit, she shared a little mishap.

“So we’re in the wardrobe closet,” she says at the start of the clip, wearing a pleated beige midiskirt with a necktie blouse. “And you know how normally we do these cute pictures and we’re like ‘oh my God, look at this amazing outfit.’ Well, here, let me keep it real with you.”

She then proceeds to turn around and showcase an elastic extension that was added to the waistband of her skirt “That happened. I guess I’ve been eating my stress a little bit lately. And I have to have like a brasserie thing put in there.”

The talk show host continues, “So I’m going to reevaluate my life this weekend. And for anyone who has to put an extender on their pants just know I feel ya.”


Fans took to the comments to share in Barrymore’s experience, including a few stars.

“So relatable,” one fan wrote. “I think we’ve ALL been eating our stress this whole year!!!!?”

Someone else commented, “I love your ‘naturalness’ so fresh and honesty ???. You look and are goooorgeous.”

Others were simply impressed by the fashion hack. “Use a bra extender for a waistband,” one user asked. “WHERE HAS THIS BEEN ALL OF MY LIFE??????”

Even a few stars chimed in. “You are such a pretty lady,” Leslie Jordan commented. “You are so pretty and we are NOT defined by our waistline,” Sharon Stone wrote. “Me too btw ???.”

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